Neon Manufacture

neon flameNeon Lighting has been a source of fascination for decades. The craft of Neon Glass bending has not changed since it began over a century ago, and still remains a rare skill to this day. Only a handful of companies in the UK can offer this product, and Logotech take pride in being one of them. We manufacture high quality neon and Cathode tubes for various Lighting and Display applications. We source only the finest materials from the UK and Europe.

Logotech customers can benefit from services such as, scaled neon templates/drawings, free Technical Assistance, Neon repairs, and Neon Installations.

assembly-neonshaping ruby red

Exposed-neon-Bulls-headWe have two Masonlite bombarding machines currently operating in our Neon shop, which gives us the speed and flexibility to produce Neon and cold cathode tubes within very tight timescales.

Our high quality, no nonsense trade service has resulted in a greatly expanded customer base, and we now supply Neon and Cold Cathode Lighting throughout the UK.

Logotech understand the importance of deadlines which is why we provide a fast, efficient ‘While U Wait’ repair service for sign companies and installation crews.

Customers vary from regional sign makers and artists, to National maintenance companies.