LED Illumination

lad led night freecomLED’s have become a very popular choice for illumination in the Sign Industry, especially on smaller projects and letters where Neon is not compatible. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit all applications, LED’s can be installed into letters and logo’s or fitted directly into walls, trough lights, light boxes, menu cases and small canopies.

LED’s are mainly used for face or halo illumination, if you require both then Neon is a better option as it will give 360 degree light.

Led haloColours of LED’s which are available are:

* Red
* Orange
* Green
* Blue
* White (Bright & Warm)
* RGB (Colour Changing)

Brushed stainless with haloOther colours are available from certain manufacturers, but these are the ones more commonly used.

At Logotech we are fully qualified on the installation of LED’s and power supplies. We always prefer to fit internal back trays inside our letters to diffuse the light and eliminate spotting, this will also act as extra weather protection on outdoor applications and make life a lot easier when it comes to assembly or installation.

We use only IP 67/68 rated LED’s and power Supplies. All of the LED’s that we use are fully guaranteed.